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Welcome To My Reiki Site! 

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I offer a rich learning experience by creating a comfortable environment, fostering warm personal connections and teaching in a clear, user-friendly manner.

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I personalize my sessions, taking time to really listen and understand exactly what you need. My treatment room is designed with a supportive table, special furnishings and colors that enhance your healing experience.

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Donna Miller-Smaill is a Reiki master in the Long Island New York area.  See schedule for Reiki Training classes and Reiki Sessions. ...five star rating!
"Donna helped ease my pain and gave me relief from a 30-year-old case of fibromyalgia. Her warm and supportive nature enhanced the healing process over the past two years. She’s gone out of her way in so many instances, and I give her my 'five star rating'!" ~Joyce

...warmth and wonder
"I have experienced in your classes a sense of warmth and wonder and an atmosphere that promotes a feeling of love and security..." ~Maria

...used during surgery
"As a nurse at South Nassau Communities Hospital, I have used Reiki successfully during surgery to stabalize patients' blood pressure." ~Rosie Carrera, Student of Donna's

Reiki Center of the South Shore
North Bellmore, NY
516-764-0153 Donna Reiki Master, Reiki Teacher, Practitioner & Lover of Reiki

I'm so glad you decided to visit my Reiki site because it gives me the opportunity to tell you about my unique approach to Reiki and how I might help you.
I learned Reiki fourteen years ago, when my son was a baby. This was important to me at the time both so that I could have additional healing support (Reiki) for my son as well as to help me relax from a high-stress job in Manhattan.

Reiki has been effective beyond my expectations. Reiki has enabled me to promote faster recovery from ailments ranging from respiratory infections to tendonitis. And my personal experiences with Reiki - using and practicing Reiki - are reflected in many other peoples' Reiki experiences.

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Love, Light & Healing,


Donna Miller-Small,
Usui & Karuna®Reiki Master Teacher
Reiki Center of the South Shore
North Bellmore, NY

Founding Member Long Island Reiki Connection

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